Motel (2010)

After a long day of driving, Brad and Roger decide to pull into a motel on a dark stretch of New Hampshire road. When they ask for a room, they think they can catch a bargain…

What they get are three motels, each one stranger than the last. Something bizarre is happening, and they're not sure why. Is something being lost in translation, or is this place just not as it seems?

They never thought something so easy could seem this impossible.

Background and Production

Motel was the first short film that we produced as a way to test ourselves as filmmakers. It was basically a “lab rat” experiment if you will – It challenged us to see what we were capable of doing with a simple script and a limited budget.

We shot the film at a functioning motel in Bedford, New Hampshire, which meant we had to get all of our principle photography completed at night.

Using only three cast members and a crew of two, we were able to shoot Motel in less than 16 hours. Quite an exhausting film, even for a lab rat.